10 Minute Mail - Ten Minutes Email Service

The 10 minute mail is a program that provides emails to people who do not want to share their personal mailbox on the internet. This is designed for people who do not always have access to an email account or do not have time to check their email. The ten minutes email program is set up to send an email to your real mailbox which you can check through webmail or any other means. You may also automatically forward it directly to your account if you like.

This was created pretty much for people who don't want their personal information shared on the internet, but still need online access. Although it is meant to be used for people without email or who are too busy, this would also work great for students.

´╗┐Students of all ages want to be able to communicate more with teachers, peers, and business professionals by receiving emails on 10 ten minutes mail. Unfortunately, not all schools offer an easy way to check your school email account. But here we provide all for free of cost without any charges and secure your privacy, that is our aim.

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