Fake Email Address

For years, businesses have used fake email addresses to potentially avoid spam mailers and for other purposes. These mails are easy to create with TempeEmail.com if you know-how.

A fake mail is an address that does not have any actual use, helping to keep your real work details private. For example, if you are a small business owner but do not want your competitors to know what you are working on or how much money you make, creating a mailbox could help. Many of these emails will be false information, giving no actual email address while making it seem like you have one.

These types of mailboxes can also be used to create a professional-looking email address, even if you do not actually possess that kind of an account with an internet service provider. This is commonly used by businesses that are trying to give the impression that they are big-time enterprises with offices all over the country. Thus, by using a fake mailbox, they are able to make it seem as though their business is bigger than it actually is. It can also be used for other purposes besides making your business look larger or smaller than it actually is.

The easiest way to create a mailbox is to copy one that already exists. This is often done by using a variation of the name of an existing domain or using your own name instead and clicking create.

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